Permitting and Zoning

It is worth saying a few words about permitting and zoning. If you are planning to start your own B&B, whether in your own home or in a new one you buy, you must research these issues first.

Zoning and permitting issues can cause your bed and breakfast to close before you’ve even gotten started. Understanding the local zoning restrictions and laws for permits or licenses can save you a headache in the future.

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

Zoning can be complicated, and your B&B can be shut down for being in violation of zoning laws. Before getting everything set up and ready to open, looking into zoning laws is a must. This is one time it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer, as they can review local zoning requirements and provide advice if the home isn’t properly zoned for you to operate a B&B.

Look into Licenses and Permits Needed

Before opening, you may be required to obtain licenses or permits by the local government. A local lawyer can provide advice on what you may need, as can your city or county government. They should have resources reviewing what is needed for a bed and breakfast.

By following zoning laws and getting the required licenses and permits, you can avoid serious complications that could threaten your bed and breakfast. Learn about these today, so you’ll have everything ready when you want to open.