Location Options

If choosing a location and starting from scratch is an option, here are some ideas on what to think about regarding the location.

Where Should Your B&B be Located?

For a bed and breakfast, the location does matter. If you’re choosing a location for your B&B and you can pick anywhere you want, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Read below for some ideas on what to think about while you’re picking out the perfect location.

Be Near Fun Activities

Many people love learning new things or trying out new activities while they’re on vacation, so use this to your advantage. If you’d like to offer walks through nature, kayaking or other water sports, or the chance to watch wildlife from the porch, look for a home that has these features. Pick out somewhere that’s in the woods on a few acres of land or that’s near a lake. Other activities to think about include horseback riding, rock climbing, or the chance to learn a new sport like archery.

Pick Somewhere Quiet and Cozy

If you’re just looking to offer a quiet and relaxing place to stay, pick somewhere a little further out from the city on a larger property. Many people just want to relax when they’re on vacation, so they’d love to stay somewhere a little out of the way. While there should be access to the closest city or major attractions, a larger property further in the country can provide the quiet and relaxation your guests are looking for so they can get away from everyday stress, work, and more.

Think About What Guests May Want

You may be looking at a specific type of guest to have stay at your bed and breakfast. If so, think about what they’ll want and pick a location that would be perfect for them. If you’re catering to families, you may want a location closer to big tourist attractions. If you’re looking to allow people to bring pets, you might want a larger, fenced-in yard for dogs to run and play. Historical locations are also a great option if you’re catering to guests that may be interested in the history of the city or learning more about the location they’re visiting.

What’s Nearby?

Consider how near or far anything is for your guests. If your guest will appreciate being able to walk to where they want to go, you’ll want somewhere closer to the city. Even if you’re picking out something a little further away, consider how long it will take to get something from the convenience store, pick up medication if someone becomes ill, or get to nearby tourist attractions if the guests want to spend the day having fun. No matter how far you are from the city, it should be easy for guests to get where they want to go during the day. This site has a good section on choosing a good market. Being near a really outstanding or unusual eatery can also be attractive for guests. One we know of is half a block from a place that specializes in biscuits and brunch in Richmond Va. Called the Fancy Biscuit, this is a really unusual place that the B&B guests (and owners) simply love. They tell us they have a lot of customers who are drawn by the heavenly treats offered by this establishment. So approaching this with an open mind and doing a lot of homework is key to finding the right location and marketing strategy.

Finding the perfect location can be a little difficult, depending on your budget and what you’re looking for. Use the ideas here to narrow down what you’re looking for and make it a little easier to find the perfect location for your bed and breakfast.