Bud and Breakfasts

Well, in our travels we happened to stumble onto a novel concept in Bed and Breakfasts. We were heading to Littleton Colorado to meet up with a close friend who had flown in from Amsterdam for a month long gig in Englewood with her company. She told us she was staying in Littleton at a B&B there and commuting up to Englewood to work, and that there was some vacancy where she was staying to put us up for part of that time. She said the name was Jeremy’s.

We had some vacation time and so coincidentally things worked out. I went on-line to try to book a reservation there, but lo and behold I discovered it wasn’t a Bed and Breakfast of the sort I had grown accustomed. It was called a Bud and Breakfast, and sure enough weed was highly (pun not intended) encouraged there. The price was reasonable so Curtis and I booked the trip. We are not really partiers like my friend Anna, but don’t mind being around it and actually do like the smell, which was fortunate because the smell was everywhere! Smoking was constantly going on, and everyone was always in the best of spirits and very enjoyable to talk to.

It was a four bedroom house where Jeremy rents out three of the rooms to his guests. We got a room for a week and there was another couple there plus Anna in her room. By day we toured the neighboring towns, cities, and mountains. At night we played cards and drank wine and they smoked and/or consumed all the weed they wanted. It was a very unusual place but most enjoyable if you are not bothered by that sort of thing.

Jeremy was a wonderful host and thought of everything, keeping the theme in mind. Every room had Roku TV available in it with every imaginable web service, so TV entertainment was endless. Our room also had a gaming console in case we were into on-line gaming, and a beautiful vase of fresh cut flowers. Of course each pillow, rather than having a chocolate laying on it, had a welcome joint on it. He also has available a huge soda collection, candy bowls strategically placed all over the house, and a cabinet packed to the doors with snack size bags of seemingly hundreds of different kinds of chips. It was remarkable and so perfect given the type of place it was.

Additionally, and fittingly, he has in the living room a full rock band – guitar hero setup for his guests to rock out on once properly primed.

Outside he has a massive back yard with a big seating area and a fire pit. The views were stunning.

I could go on and on about his place but my goal in writing this is not to sell trips to Jeremy’s (though if you are into this scene, you will have a ball), but to share some of Jeremy’s extensive knowledge about the rules in Colorado in case you are inclined to try to set up such a thing.

While there are dispensaries where you can buy weed all over the place, it is against the law to smoke in them. It’s also illegal to smoke in parks, cars, most hotels, and shockingly even most apartments unless the owner says otherwise. So if you are thinking about setting up such a thing, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws governing cannabis to keep yourself and your guests safe. This site is the official repository of the rules and regulations.

Most people that vacation in Colorado are there for the fresh mountain air, hiking, skiing, biking, and hundreds of other outdoor activities. The Bud and Breakfast seemed inclined to accommodating people when they get home from a day of these activities, for a night of unwinding and having fun, though I’m sure many people indulge all day, even while doing these things.

Anyway this is an option for Bed and Breakfast startups and I wanted to make sure to mention it.